Upgrading to FiOS

6221I was excited to learn that Verizon FiOS was available in my new neighborhood. Well, most people might wonder what is the big deal about that. The fact is that I moved to the city recently. I lived in a location that did not have any type of advanced Internet service. I was still on dial-up. In fact, cellular service was out of reach too. A few days ago, a Verizon representative was going door to door in the neighborhood. This would never occur in my old community. We were basically out in the middle of nowhere. He gave us a pitch about the service and all the features that they had to offer. I was very interested in the offer from Verizon FiOS Hyattsville.

I’ve been thinking about upgrading for a very long time. In fact, I’ve done a ton of research online about Internet service providers and telephone providers in my new location. Fortunately, there is a lot of good information out there on the subject. Certainly, I read as much as possible about the providers in my area. I also read a lot of the reviews on local providers. The Verizon site is filled with information too on their services that are offered to the consumer. Still, talking to a representative was best for me. The representative explained in detail all the amazing upgrades that my family would receive.

Signing up is easy. The representative explained that we would receive the Verizon FiOS package deal. Perhaps, there are some people that do not know about the package deal or getting bundled services. We signed up for telephone, television, and Internet at a tremendous savings. It would have cost more to sign up for the services on an individual basis. Great deal. We are saving a lot of money. Here is the great deal that we received. We received a $350 Visa card and a price guarantee for 2 years. We also receive super-fast upload and download speeds. Of course, this requires you to sign a 2 years contract agreement. Still, that is cool with me.

Fiber Optics
Why is Verizon receiving such positive reviews by their customers? Well, it is certainly due to the fiber optic technology along with the number of channels that are available. Verizon FiOS Hyattsville has more than exceeded my expectations about the service. In my opinion they are a great service for anyone looking to upgrade or simply bundle their services.

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