Self Defense Tips for Women

woman_self_defenseWomen don’t always have to be victims should someone decide to attack them. A single woman walking by herself is often seen as an easy target, but it doesn’t mean that they need to be susceptible. In fact, there are many ways a woman is able to defend herself. At, the professionals at the facility are going to help teach women specific self defense specifics and ways to fight off an attacker. However, before individuals are able to take the classes, there are several different self defense tips that are able to help a woman, should she ever find herself under attack.

Stay Aware

For starters, the very best way to avoid ever being attacked is for a woman to stay aware of her surroundings. This is going to help her avoid dangerous situations. It is never a good idea for a lone woman to walk by herself at night, especially during dark alleyways and streets or in locations where the woman is not familiar with tie neighborhood. Staying aware of the situation and location is always important for a woman and their self defense.

Keep it Simple

Many woman try to remember complicated moves. In times of panic, this is never a good idea as it can be incredibly difficult to recall all of these different moves. Instead, a woman needs to keep it simple. Clawing at the face or punches to the groin are easy and simple moves. Simple punches and attacks help a woman in their quest for self defense.

Use Strengths

While a male attacker might have more physical power and strength, a woman is able to use her own strengths against a possible attacker. Elbows and knees are excellent options as these are strong joints and are going to help provide the highest amount of physical damage.

Make Noise

The chance that nobody is around within earshot is slight and not likely. That is why any woman who is under attack needs to make as much noise as possible. Yelling is more likely to both bring assistance and to scare other potential attackers away. Even having personal noise devices that release a siren like noise when activated is a good thing to have and to use.

Multiple Moves

Many woman only take one shot and then try to run. A single punch might stun the individual for a moment, but they are likely going to be able to catch up after they recover. Instead, by using multiple moves, it is going to deliver several different shots, that make it more difficult for the individual to receiver quickly. After delivering three rapid shots, it is then more likely for the woman to escape and to run.

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