Popular LED Bulb for Cars

ledbulbA good LED replacement bulb is one that has been proven to take your through trying times and give you adequate service. The 1157 led bulb is precisely what you have been looking for.

The features which come with this LED replacement bulb are custom made to meet your needs and increase its lifespan. You will get this bulb in LED bulb type which is also non-polarized. It is a bulb that you can clean with water when it is switched off. It comes mounted on a silver metal plate and has a printed circuit board, designed to drive away the heat that comes with the bulb lighting. Its metal oxide resistor is made in a 2 times oversize of the ordinary bulb. Back flow protection diodes are fitted in a strong housing that is made of polycarbonate material. The housing is further ventilated at the place where the silver metal base is located. This is a bulb that the market is finding irresistible due to its durability, low temperature, OEM fit and size, long life and low current features.

This bulb gives you safety measures which other bulbs cannot afford. Once you get yourself this LED bulb, you will be sure of maximum brightness.

After the realization of the harsh economic times that the globe is going through, the bulbs were designed to sell in a range of three prices. This helps the world market to have affordable bulbs and meet their desires and needs.

The brightness of different bulbs which are in the three ranges is not influenced by the prices. If you pick one bulb as an example and compare it with what other bulbs of the same price have to offer, you will be surprised. The efficiency of this bulb is simply out of this world.
The estimated lifespan of this bulb is unmatched with any other. There are no bulbs which can pride in taking you through 100,000 hours of lighting but 1157 led bulb will do that without having to break a bone. In comparison, you are looking at a bulb that will last you 20 times longer when compared to ordinary bulbs.

The bulb has been tested and found to withstand all tough and rough conditions. Be it on your pick-up or rough road recreation endeavors, the bulb will last for years. In the same conditions, other bulbs will be very quick to wear out.

The right choice when it comes to bulb power efficiency is here with you. Other bulbs are known to consume 3.3 amps of current. 96% energy efficiency might look like a pipe dream to many people, but if this bulb consumes 120ma, this calculation is very correct.

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