Navigating Social Security Disability Law

social-security-disabilityAfter watching my friend try for several years to get her disability approved from Social Security, I was watching TV and saw an add for Parmele Law Firm. With the her last denial letter fresh from the mailbox, I decided to tell her to visit She had pretty much lost all hope of getting approved, but she couldn’t work either. She had nearly run through her savings and her company disability had run out.

She was so relieved when she got a response that was encouraging. The staff at Parmele Law Firm treated her with respect and dignity. She set up an appointment and soon found that even though she kept getting denied, her disability qualified for Social Security.

She had been so frustrated in her attempts to deal with Social Security. Parmele knew so much about disability law, and how to respond to a denial from Social Security. She said it was wonderful to work with the compassionate experts in the firm. They understand that being disabled is a difficult position to be in and didn’t ask for any money up front. In fact, if they were unable to get her disability approved, they weren’t going to ask for a dime! In a time when money is a huge worry, this was so comforting.

She had felt ashamed at not being able to work. She was ashamed to be disabled. They helped her with more than the complicated laws governing the disability approval process, they helped her to accept her disability and to lose those feelings of shame. They treated her with dignity and handled everything for her.

Parmele Law Firm worked diligently to present her case to the Social Security Administration. When they told her they were able to get her disability case reviewed from the first day she had applied, she was so grateful. This was good news, and meant that years of back pay would be collected once her application was approved.

Even though the battle had been won, the confusing laws and conditions that she was bombarded with upon receiving her disability were overwhelming. Parmele was there to guide her through the maze, and help her understand what her responsibilities are, and what she would need to do to maintain her benefits.

The process that was so daunting and frustrating to her, was a breeze to them. They knew exactly how to get her records reviewed and her case approved. Parmele Law Firm has been serving this area for years, and is dedicated to inspiring hope in the community. Like they had done with so many clients before her, they gave her hope. Parmele Law Firm can help you get the benefits you deserve.

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