Leo Wells on Carver Bible College

carver_photo008For several years my wife Angie and I have admired the work of Carver Bible College here in Atlanta. In fact, with a focus on foreign students, we have financially supported a number of Carver students. Founded in 1943, Carver is a historically black college that exists to train and equip men and women for ministry. The motto of Carver Bible College is “Training to Transform.” Many international students who attend Carver return to their country of origin after completing their education. Graduates currently serve in a number of countries, including Kenya, Ghana, Jamaica, and, of course, the United States.

As I mentioned above, Carver attracts students from many countries. One such international student is Hennok Nugusse, a theology major from the country of Eritrea in northeast Africa. Hennok learned about Atlanta from one of his cousins who moved here. Hennok is working towards a master’s degree and Ph.D., and he hopes to ultimately return to Africa and serve there.

I am grateful for the life-changing instruction offered by Carver Bible College. In our day and time, I think such an institution is invaluable and worthy of more widespread recognition. The Atlanta community is fortunate to have this excellent learning institution, and I commend the great work they’re doing. Learn more about Carver at http://www.carver.edu/.

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