Interested in Becoming a Foodie?

Interested in Becoming a Foodie?One simple pleasure that sometimes we take for granted is food. I know sometimes I just make my meal, eat it, and don’t really think much about it. If we slowed down, and really took the time to enjoy and think about what we were eating I’m willing to say we’d have a completely different relationship and experience with food. I had a friend back in college who loved to cook. He loved trying new things and expanding his palate and as a result, me his neighbor had some tasty food pretty frequently! So how can you become a foodie?

First, you will want to educate yourself. There are so many resources out there that can help you learn about food and what you should really be feeding your body. As a start, consider watching some basic videos by the Weston A Price Foundation. If you are into documentaries, some good ones include: Fat Head and Food, Inc. If you are more old school, perhaps you’d enjoy reading books on good, whole food. Take your time with this. Taking your time can help you better absorb all the information you’ll find and help you from getting overwhelmed.

A second tip to becoming a foodie is to revamp your kitchen. If you want to become a true foodie and really care about what you put into your body, consider cleaning out your old pots and pans. The best kind you can have are stainless steel. They are safe for all cooktops and the surface itself doesn’t interact with the food as you cook it. The thought of switching out your cookware might seem overwhelming and stress you out because of cost. Go slowly. You don’t have to fix everything overnight. Buy one pot here, and another pot there. Go to stores during times they are having sales. Get your pots to use most often first, then add to obtain a more complete set over time.

Third and final tip to becoming a foodie is along the same lines. Make small changes over time. One idea to accomplish this is to start by changing one meal a day. Instead of having a poptart for breakfast, consider having eggs and a whole grain piece of bread. By simply changing one meal at a time you can gradually move into better eating without feeling withdrawals all at once. Gradual change is better than sudden change. You will also want to replace processed foods with real foods, get the right kinds of fat, and learn how to correctly read food labels.

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