How to Make a Claim for Insurance Funds Due to You

sj-5It just happened to you. Something bad you didn’t expect, hoped never would happen. Maybe it’s a fire, a theft, a tree falling on your house, a car accident, a fall, a serious disease — one of the many things we buy insurance against, hoping against hope it never happens.

But, sometimes, it does, to all of us. And when it does, we want the insurance company to pay up the money we’re owed.

Keep Good Records

This is easy to overlook or forget about as you’re wrapped in going about your day-to-day business. Keep everything:

* Your insurance policies and premium payment receipts

* Receipts for everything that’s insured, including your house (and all capital improvements), cars and valuable property (musical instruments, collections, works of art and antiques)

* Medicines and medical services

* Gold and silver coins and bullion

You should not only keep the receipts, you should copy them with a good scanner.

Also, take as many photographs or videos as you can. This should include:

* All valuable items

* Your injuries

* Your car after the accident

* Your house after the damage

* The site of any break-ins or accident, anything that could later help document your losses

Use Cloud Storage to Keep Your Documentation

Once you create the digital records, take out a cloud storage account such as with Amazon’s Web Services S3 or other reputable cloud storage provider and upload all your records there.

Store paper records away from your home in a bank deposit box or other safe place such as with a relative.

That may seem like overkill, but if your house burns down, you don’t want the fire burning up all your records as well as your other belongings. The same goes for houses destroyed in floods and storms.

Keep Up With the Record Keeping Even Though It’s a Hassle

The real inconvenience comes from acquiring new valuable items. Collectors are always looking to buy new stamps, comic books and works of art. There are always new antiques for sale and new pieces of diamond jewelry on an on-going basis. Make certain you keep all receipts and take pictures of every item. Update your records at least once a month if there’s been any changes.

Report the Incident

After you call the police or a hospital and your nearest relatives who help you out, call your insurance agent. A good agent can then advise you on what to next. They can also review your policy with you so you understand how to file your claim, and what may be covered, or not. They may also want you to use a certain service provider.

If You Still Need Help Filing an Insurance Claim

Unfortunately, however, not all insurance companies cooperate with policy holders all the time. If you need help with filing an insurance claim, Siegfried and Jensen can help you. Call them today.

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