How to Best Utilize Furniture in Furnishing your Home

How to Best Utilize Furniture in Furnishing your HomeHow you arrange your furniture will set the mood for the tone of the room. You want to make sure you are always setting the right tone and have your furniture in the best possible positioning that it can be in. That being said, the following are some tips for arranging your furniture in the best way possible. Make sure you keep in mind what sort of tone you are going for so that you can be consistent as you purchase and place furniture.

First of all, you want to know the exact measurements of the room so you know what you are working with. You want to strategically place furniture where it’ll make the most sense, and you won’t know how to successfully do that if you don’t know the room’s dimensions.

The second tip for arranging your furniture is that you want to mix and match furniture of different sizes. Every piece of furniture has a unique height, depth and width. To add some interest and pizazz to a room, put things together that have varying heights, depths and widths. A great option of where to go for furniture is Boyles which features Harden Furniture. They use the best raw materials and craft furniture that meets the highest industry standards. They are the oldest manufacturer of American residential furnishings. They have had 167 years of experience so you can trust that you are getting the best when you choose one of their pieces. If on the other hand you are trying accomplish a more serene and even tone, then make sure all your furniture is similar in size.

The third tip for arranging your furniture lies in making sure the room is scaled right. Furniture is all relative in size to each other and to the size of the room. Try using a nice balance of different scaled pieces to create a nice harmony in a room. For instance, place your big sectional up against the wall, and on the wall directly behind it place some smaller picture frames filled with art. The small pictures frames will look cool against the larger sofa. Furthermore along with balance you want the room to be both symmetrical and asymmetrical. Symmetry provides and very restful look, while asymmetry adds visual motion and excitement because it is putting two pieces of furniture with varying sizes right next to each other.

Fourth, another tip to keep in mind when arranging furniture is triangulation. This concept of triangulation can be accomplished by having a sofa surrounded on both ends with end tables then a piece of art hanging on the wall behind it. This is very artistic and can help to create the illusion of depth in a room. I think this is kind of cool that depth can be created simply by how furniture is arranged. You can also use artwork to create depth. Stand at the threshold of the room and place a painting in the room’s vanishing point.

Fifth, you want the furniture to create usable space. For instance say you have an open concept eating area that melds into the family room. By strategically placing furniture, you can mark off and clearly define the two differing spaces.

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