gShift Leverages AI and Machine Learning for Predictive Content Marketing Optimization

Partnership with IBM-OCE I3 Program to Develop Innovation Hub

Barrie (December 14, 2017) gShift, an industry leading web presence analytics and content performance technology vendor, has been accepted into the IBM Watson and Bluemix I3 program to further develop its use of machine learning and AI to, in turn, help marketers fully optimize their data-driven content marketing efforts.

Specifically, gShift will be using IBM Watson’s Natural Language Understanding and Tone Analyzer solutions to further analyze selected content in order to derive insights and make recommendations regarding the optimization of the content and its distribution, as well as to develop competitive analysis opportunities.

gShift currently uses Natural Language Understanding to analyze content followed in its SEO module and identify titles and primary keywords. Coupling this data with organic keyword search volume data enables marketers to quickly identify the keyword groups they should be focusing on when developing and distributing new, optimized content.

IBM’s machine learning technologies will be further integrated with gShift’s existing site and content auditing, keyword research and kurls analytics (content performance monitoring) features. This cutting-edge collaboration will support the expansion of gShift software by leveraging IBM’s expertise and advanced-technology platform IBM Bluemix, which includes cloud services, application development, Watson (AI) and Watson Analytics.

“The IBM I3 program is helping gShift bring digital marketing innovation to market faster,” says Krista LaRiviere, Founder & CEO, gShift. “There is so much data available now to a digital marketer. Intelligence around the data is required and this is where artificial intelligence and machine learning is needed to accelerate decision making.”

The IBM Watson and Bluemix I3 program focusses on the growth and expansion of Ontario’s small and medium-sized enterprises through the funding of computing technology resources. In partnership with the Ontario Centres of Excellence, IBM, SOSCIP Consortium and the Government of Ontario, the program’s objective is to unite IBM advanced cognitive and cloud computing technology infrastructure with businesses, design and technical resources in order to create jobs, revenue and exports to overseas markets.

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