Great Gifts For Your Teenage Son that is Hard to Buy For

Great Gifts For Your Teenage Son that is Hard to Buy ForIf you are anything like me, you are of the opinion that boys are so hard to buy presents for. I don’t understand why but they just are. You can go with the traditional sports, but after so long that just gets old. I grew up with my two brothers plus my dad so I was always having a difficult time trying to be creative for them. Don’t fret! No matter what your budget is, there are options of fun and odd presents that will fit unique personalities. The following are ideas of odd presents for your teenage boy.

If you teen is into technology or considered a “techy”, consider getting him some sort of a gadget or tool. With all the current advances in technology it seems as if something new is coming out each and every day. There is tons in this realm to explore as a gift option. Chances are that your teenage son has a cell phone. It is quite incredible to see how many youth have cell phones today. One option for a gift is to get a cool cell phone case that he’d enjoy. is a great place to look. You can shop by device or brand to find the perfect cell phone case for your teenage son today!

If your teen is into power, perhaps a solar paneled backpack might be something that is odd and original for him. It is great for keeping battery powered devices up and running. This is definitely a different kind of backpack so it could be a great conversation starter to keep your child in the social scene.

A third idea if your teen is into music is to purchase a USB drum kit which allows your teen to play the drums on his computer and not have to worry about the instrument and it’s various pieces and parts. This is also more preferably to your ears as a parent since we all know how loud drums can be!

Fourth, another idea for your teen who may be into computers is getting him a Microsoft stock certificate. This is something unique, and a good investment since Microsoft is such a good company. It also can get your teen thinking about money and investments and making good budgeting choices.

A fifth idea of an odd present for your teenage son is a trip. If they are adventurous you can get a trip planned that includes hiking, white water rafting, surfing or visiting and exploring another country. This will help to broaden up his world view and give him a great memory that he can cherish for a long time to come. I know I personally loved when I got vacations as presents.

Lastly, if your teen is more active and into outdoor sports and activities consider something fun such as a Ripstick. This device is a new spin on the classic skateboard and combines techniques of skateboarding, snowboarding and surfing. Give him a challenge he can’t resist. Plus it’ll get him off his butt and outside getting fresh air and more than likely social interaction with others. So instead of doing the same old boring present, get creative and give your teenage boy a fun, unique and odd present you might not have thought of for the next holiday or upcoming birthday. 


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