Crest Financial program for Credit-Challenged Clients

cf-4It is a financial company that financial services with no credit score requirement. The company is the largest and fastest growing commercial enterprise with a “No credit needed” services. Since its establishment in 2005, the company has provided its clients with leasing services through plenty of retail partners that are established across the United States. The financial institution is driven by a goal focused on providing plenty of opportunities to their clients and the community as a whole.

Recently, the company announced a new financial marketing hook to assist its merchant customers in attracting new customers. The move will be able to allow credit challenged customers to establish a recommendable credit with crest via the on-time payments together with the paid-in-full leases. The financial institution’s workers reported that the finance hook had been based on a zero percent interest programs with their payoff dates ranging between 12 to 24 months. Crest is now obliged to report its customer’s payments to the Equifax Credit Bureau. Crest’s services to assist credit challenged customers, is further emphasized by the phrase “Build Your Credit with Crest Financial” that was coined to serve the purpose.

The phrase “financial marketing hook” has enabled the institution to attract customers that are more responsible through adverts. As a result, more ticketed sales have also been generated. The company’s trademarked 90 Day In-Home Layaway program has also been utilized properly in the merchant advertisements. Customers together with the merchants get to enjoy benefits from the Crest program. Customers are given sufficient time to complete their payments before getting full ownership. The customers benefit from the usage of the property or merchandise at their homes instead of it staying in the merchandise warehouse. The merchants are saved from the burden of keeping and maintaining the inventory. Merchants will be noticed immediately when the clients have made their full payments and have been pre-approved for a subsequent lease.

The financial institution objective is to provide their reliable merchants with new and trustworthy customers through the company’s program. The exclusive program introduced by the corporation has been able to attract a new client base across the country. Michael Baker, the company’s operations manager, announced that the exceptional customer services they provide had made them popular among their customers. The company fully understands that life is full of challenges and at one time one may find themselves being held by a bad credit score. The institution helps its customers to acquire purchases without any credit requirement. Crest takes pride of having helped thousands of retailers in some industries boost their sales and meet their customer’s expectations. Retail dealers do not need to turn back their potential customers; Crest provides the best options to help retailers win new customers. The company only specializes on leases and not retail stores, thus, enabling retail dealers to retain their customers. Attractive leasing options are available for clients to select the one that suits their needs.

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