Cleaning Up After a Storm

downed_power_lineThere are many different areas of concern when cleaning up after a storm. First of all, the type of storm will heavily influence the cleaning regimen that will take place. In the event of a water storm, such as a heavy rain storm or hurricane, there are many details that need to be taken care of immediately. For example, hurricanes or severe rain storms can sometimes cause electrical power lines to become downed due to extreme force put upon the lines from the weathering effects; when this happens, the downed electrical lines pose a great danger to people and pets alike.

For water damage after a storm, it is crucial that homeowners reach their local power company as soon as possible to inform them of the electrical lines on the ground. As part of the electrical company arriving, homeowners should also ensure that the electricity to their home is also disconnected to prevent lethal electrical shock. After the electrical lines are safely taken care of, other cleaning tasks from stormy water damages may take place. In the event that the electricity to the residence does need to be disconnected, people may opt to use flashlights, or even candles for lighting. If water levels are about a foot, it’s advisable for residents to seek professional water removal assistance; in addition, individuals should pay careful attention to the structure of the building to ensure the structure is not collapsing. In the case of a weak structure, again, people should consult with the proper assistance.

First of all, water should be removed from flooded homes as quickly as possible to avoid further damage to the residence. Furthermore, toxic mold will likely begin to form if flood waters are not removed promptly. As such, before residents re-enter a home to remove water, they should equip themselves with water-wading boots, and also breathing masks to protect against mold spore exposure. Many individuals might consider renting a water removal pump to expunge water out, and away from their home at a quick pace. Once water has been pumped from a flooded home, it is also very important to observe the furniture, household belongings, toys, electronics, and any other household items.

Items and furniture that are non-salvageable should be thrown away, in lieu of keeping to have cleaned. The reason for this is because items that have undergone water saturation will more than likely develop toxic mold, so therefore they will become hazardous to people’s health. When water-damaged items need to be thrown out, Waterbury, CT residents may rent a dumpster rolloff in Waterbury for hauling their non-salvageable items away to dump at the appropriate location. Besides household items that are to be thrown out, broken tree limbs, loose roof paneling, home siding, or other loose garbage items may also be put into a dumpster rolloff to be taken away and dumped safely.

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