Asking For Help – It’s Not Weak, It’s Smart

Chances are if you have a disability claim, your odds of having a positive outcome are greatly increased if you engage the services of a disability advocate. Even if your claim is legitimate and you have substantial proof to back it up, it can often be difficult to obtain approval from the Social ... [Continue Reading]

How to Make a Claim for Insurance Funds Due to You

It just happened to you. Something bad you didn't expect, hoped never would happen. Maybe it's a fire, a theft, a tree falling on your house, a car accident, a fall, a serious disease -- one of the many things we buy insurance against, hoping against hope it never happens. But, sometimes, it ... [Continue Reading]

Navigating Social Security Disability Law

After watching my friend try for several years to get her disability approved from Social Security, I was watching TV and saw an add for Parmele Law Firm. With the her last denial letter fresh from the mailbox, I decided to tell her to visit She had pretty much lost all hope ... [Continue Reading]