Asking For Help – It’s Not Weak, It’s Smart

md-8Chances are if you have a disability claim, your odds of having a positive outcome are greatly increased if you engage the services of a disability advocate. Even if your claim is legitimate and you have substantial proof to back it up, it can often be difficult to obtain approval from the Social Security Administration.
Here are some reasons to use an advocate to handle your claim:

  • specially trained individuals experienced in dealing with SSA
  • alleviates stress on the claimant by having advocate handle communications
  • no money out of pocket for claimant, the advocate gets paid a percentage of back benefits when distributed

Though you are not required to have representation, it can be a rewarding choice. Professionals, like Myler Disability, can make the claim process much less stressful and provide you with experienced guidance and advice. Advocates can also make hearing appearances and in some instances, advocates may be attorneys and could handle the legal process all the way through to the federal level if need be for you.

Advocates in offices such as Myler Disability, can handle all facets of the claim process. You can retain their services from the initial outset, or like many others, wait until after the initial claim has been denied.

Advocates can additionally help your doctor and explain the often complex medical forms that the physician may be required to fill out. Your advocate will also review your medical records to ensure all pertinent information is included and available to the SSA agents.

Many advocacy businesses offer services nationally, so even if you live out of their home office area, they are able to provide local services and support to you during your interactions with the Social Security Administration and their investigative process.

Advocacy services do not stop, even after your claim review is completed and you are awarded benefits, your advocate will continue to work with you. Particularly, they will provide help when reviews come up to re-evaluate your case to determine if you are still eligible for benefits.

Don’t be hesitant to ask for help. There is no reason to struggle through this process alone. Make the call to an advocate’s office today and allow them to assist you and your family.

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