5 Home Electronics that Consume a Lot of Power

ad8972Every electronic device in your home consumes power, even if it’s in hibernation or standby mode. Things such as a cell phone charger doesn’t make that much of an impact when plugged in. When it comes to the level of power consumption, there are several devices that can directly affect your monthly bills through the use of electricity.

Desktop Computers

Computer systems can drain a great deal of power whether they are in use or not. If you have several in the household, it could be costing a lot of extra money each month. Make sure you turn off all of the computer components at night – this includes the monitor. Although the screen may be black in “sleep mode,” it’s still using power.


Many laptops will continue to use the power supplied from the wall socket long after the batteries have been charged. While this power drain is minimal when compared to desktop systems, it can still increase your monthly bills by leaving these units plugged in after the charge is complete.

Air Conditioners

These massive appliances will consume a large amount of power in order to keep the home cool. Try to limit your use of these units by making the home more energy efficient. Making sure filters are cleaned and the doors and windows are closed is a good start at keeping the cool air flowing within the home.

Stoves and Ovens

A home-cooked meal can save on your food budget, but the energy costs could be enormous. Try to do more cooking outdoors such as that on the barbecue or a solar oven. A healthier way to eat may also be incorporating more cold salads and vegetables in your diet. This reduces the need for a cooking surface in general.

The Entertainment Center

When enjoying family entertainment on the television, several electronics may be operating at once. Move the family entertainment to a more energy-friendly atmosphere when possible. Board games, outdoor sports and more can offer an enhanced method of bonding with each other than simply sharing a movie.

While monitoring your energy use through appliances can help you save money, finding the right electricity provider can also help reduce your monthly budget. Depending on the area you live in, you could find these providers when you click here. Do what you can to reduce your impact on the environment as well as your pocket book.

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